FCC Licensing

Federal Communications Commission

We work closely with licensed frequency coordinators, so we can handle ALL of your FCC licensing requirements. We can provide assistance with new applications, renewals, relocations, and modifications. We've been managing licenses like yours for many years. We can take care of all your FCC licensing needs, even if your radio purchase was made elsewhere. Part of our overall service is to help you with all FCC licensing requirements.

If you receive a notice from the FCC or another licensing company, simply send it to us, and we'll provide you with an action plan, including whether or not a response is required. Often, FCC notices are simply reminders of an upcoming deadline. Be sure to forward any notices from the FCC regarding your license to us.

You may also receive other notices concerning your FCC license, typically from licensing companies. They are often just trying to solicit your FCC licensing business. Send us these notices as well, and we will let you know if a response is necessary.